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The Smooth Caffeinator - uKeg Nitro Bundle

The Cool Caffeinator Bundle is designed with the serious cold brew lover in mind. This bundle will keep you prepared for several weeks of Nitro Cold Brew consumption. No more line ups, just open your fridge door and serve.  

Gift Bundles and Pro Packs are Excluded from Spring Sale.

This bundle includes:

  • 64 oz uKeg Nitro,
  • 2 x 16 gram Nitro Chargers , 
  • a funnel to assist with putting coffee grinds into your cold brew bags, 
  • 4 cold brew bags (you'll use 2 per batch),
  • a bar mat,
  • a growler tool for deep cleaning,
  • a tap plug for fridge storage and travel, 
  • 2 Nitro Refill kits which includes everything you need to make 10 additional cold brew growler fills.