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Frequently Asked Questions

About uKeg:

How long does the beer stay fresh?
Like a mini keg, the uKeg will keep your beer fresh for weeks.

How long does the CO2 cartridge last?
The CO2 cartridge dispenses one uKeg full of beer, with some pressure left over that you can use to clean the growler with water, and pour through the tap.

What type of CO2 cartridges does the uKeg cap use?
All uKeg growler caps use unthreaded food-grade CO2 cartridges. Our regulator cap can accept 8g or 16g cartridges. We will also be releasing an adapter.

Where can I get the CO2 cartridges?
Food grade CO2 cartridges are readily available at kitchen stores, online via Amazon, or here on our website. We plan to make these available at growler fill and retail locations in the future as well.

How much does the CO2 cost?
The 8g CO2 cartridges can be found on Amazon for as low as $0.50 each. We list them here on our website for $1 ea. With about 5 x 12 oz. beers in a growler, that's just 10-20 cents per fresh beer.

Where do I fill my growler?
With an internal volume line, you can take your GrowlerWerks growler to any store or bar that currently fills glass growlers. Growler laws vary state-by-state, and are rapidly changing to remove old restrictions. The Brewers Association provides a helpful directory:


Can the uKeg be used for other carbonated beverages besides beer?
You can put soda, water, or other carbonated beverages in the uKeg, such as sparkling wine or homemade cocktails (just add rocks glasses for a party). One of our team members even uses it for carbonated apple cider for his kids!



How can the uKeg be cleaned?
Cleaning the uKeg is easy. Rinsing with warm water after each use is the best practice. Any leftover CO2 can be used to flush the tap with water, but turning the uKeg upside down works too. The cap can be removed to easily clean the inside of the stainless steel vessel. The tap assembly, sight glass and pressure gauge can be fully dissembled for deeper cleaning when needed. Standard brewery equipment cleansers can be used.

What pressure range does the regulator cap provide?
We designed this version of our regulator cap to go between zero (0) and 15 psi. Zero psi corresponds to the "off" position when the regulator is closed, and the cap will not dispense the contents of the CO2 cartridge. The off position is for taking the cap on and off the vessel. 15 psi may be good for force carbonating homebrew or other beverages, or highly carbonated stuff.

Can the uKeg 64 be used to force carbonate Homebrew?
The uKeg 64 is capable of force carbonating beer and other beverages. Turn your homebrew, cider, wine or juice into a delicious carbonated beverage within just 2-3 days. To ensure you have enough CO2 onboard we recommend using a 16g cartridge for the uKeg 64. The uKeg 64 comes standard with an 8g cartridge holder. However, additional 16g cartridge holders will be available on our website soon. Sign up for our email list and we'll keep you updated.

Can the uKeg 128 be used to force carbonate Homebrew?
The uKeg 128 currently uses a 16g CO2 cartridge. This may be sufficient, however, we're not confident that's always enough CO2 to both fully carbonate and dispense your beer to your liking. To ensure you can fully dispense, the cap can be easily removed to replace the cartridge after carbonating and before dispensing. We've had really strong interest in using the uKeg 128 to force carbonate home brew and other homemade beverages, so we're developing a specialized cap holder that accommodates 33g cartridges. Sign up for our email list and we'll keep you updated.

Can the uKeg be used with nitrogen cartridges?
You can get various mixtures of beer gas in 8g and 16g cartridges. These will work with the uKeg, however there isn't normally enough volume in these gasses to fully empty the uKeg at the pressure you'd want, even using a 16g cartridge. If 33g cartridges can be sourced and used with our 33g cap adapter then enough gas would be available.

Can the ukeg be used for non-carbonated beverages like draft wine?
If you set the pressure low enough, or use an inert gas like nitrogen or argon instead of CO2, the uKeg can dispense non-carbonated beverages just fine.

How does the sight glass work?
Beer (or other beverage) travels through an inner dispensing tube within the sight glass, that connects to the tap, while the sight glass is an extension of the vessel with openings at both the top and the bottom. The pressure gauge measures pressure near the bottom of the vessel.

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