Innovation - GrowlerWerks Canada


GrowlerWerks was born to deliver cold, fresh (and delicious) draft beverages at-home or on-the-go. It all began with a flat beer…at the absolute worst time and place. And on that fateful day, our mission was born. Make a growler that actually worked. You see, craft beer was (and is) too expensive, and rare, and delicious to see it poured down the drain.

Through design and engineering, the uKeg was invented to achieve Carbonated Confidence in the face of harsh realities:

  1. As soon as your beer, cider, soda or kombucha is exposed to outside air, you lose carbonation and introduce oxygen. This happens every time to take the cap off a growler or other vessel.
  2. Even tinted glass is an imperfect material for storing and transportation. It is breakable, poorly insulated and susceptible to leaks and spills.

Implementing our patented automatic regulator cap, we solved the problem of flat beer and provided a solution for craft beer lovers to enjoy their favorite brews on draft from wherever life takes them.


Using the uKeg’s cap is easy and intuitive. Simply choose your desired setting for optimal pouring or infusion, and the cap automatically regulates pressure to continuously maintain your desired level.












We are now the #1 Growler in the industry. We have taken our extensive knowledge in carbonated growlers and expanded our uKeg line into the nitro cold brew coffee market with the uKeg Nitro. We’ve also tapped into craft cocktails and many other carbonated beverages made to be served from the uKeg Carbonated Growler. Now, with our newest carbonated growler, the uKeg GO, you have even more freedom to take your favorite craft beverages out into the world with ease, thanks to internal plumbing integration and rugged exterior.