Does the GO come in any other colors??

The GO is only available in Chili Red, Midnight Blue, and Tungsten Grey.

Can I use 16g cartridges instead of 8g??

The GO is designed to be used with an 8 gram cartridge.  A 16 gram cartridge may be used.  You can purchase a 16 gram sleeve and CO2 cartridges on the GrowlerWerks website.

Can I use N2O?

Yes.  A variety of gases can be used such as N2O.  Please see our cartridge guidelines on our website.

Where can I buy gas?

You can purchase gas directly from GrowlerWerks' website.

Can I use it for hot liquids?

No.  We designed the GO to be used with cold liquids.

Can I put cold brew coffee in the GO?

Yes.  The GO can be filled with cold brew.  Please note that the type of gas used will affect the flavor of the coffee.

Can I use 8g N2O cartridges with my uKeg GO?

8g cartridges of N2O, purchased from reputable sources, are natively compatible with the uKeg GO's cartridge sleeve, provided they met the size requirements in this document.  To infuse and dispense cold brew, you will need 16g N2O cartridges, which you can find on our site.

How long will the GO keep the liquids cold?

12 hours

What are the pressure settings on Low (one Tap) and High (two Taps)?

The low setting is about 7psi, and the high setting is about 12psi.

Can I set the dial in any other position?

Yes.  While there are two preset points on the dial, you may set the dial at any other level you wish.

Do the wooden tap handles or Universal Adapter for Standard Tap Handles fit on the GO?

The wooden tap handles will not fit the GO.

Can the tap handle on the GO be changed?

No, it is not removable for replacement.

What is the screw for on top of the bottle?

This is a cleaning port that can be unscrewed to allow further cleaning of the internal dip tube.  See manual for instructions how.

Can this be used for force carbonating?

In order to prevent overly foamy beer, the regulator cap tops out at about 12 psi, so we do not recommend using the uKeg GO for force-carbonation.

Can the GO be stored on its side?

The GO can be stored on its side, however pouring should be done with the GO upright.

Can the GO be stored in an ice cooler?

Yes.  The GO can be stored and transported in an ice cooler.  When doing so, ensure the tap is in the locked position.

Does the GO have the same warranty as the other GrowlerWerks products?

Yes.  Please see our warranty page for further details.

Do you have a 128oz version?

The GO only comes in 64oz at this time.

How long will the GO keep my drinks fresh?

The GO will maintain your drinks fresh with pressure and proper carbonation for 2 weeks.

How often should I clean the GO?

The GO should be cleaned properly after each use to prevent any buildup.  See manual for instructions.

Do you sell any cleaning products?

Yes.  You can purchase GrowlerWerks cleaning tables on our website.

Can the GrowlerWerks infuser be used with the GO?

Yes.  You can use the infuser with the GO.

Why doesn't my GO come with any CO2?

CO2 is a compressed gas and considered a hazardous material by the department of transportation.  Removing the gas allows a wider distribution of the GO and faster shipping.  CO2 can be purchased separately.

How long does the CO2 cartridge last?

The CO2 cartridge dispenses one full GO, with some pressure left over that you can use to clean the growler with water, and pour through the tap.