What's so special about "nitro"?

If you've ever had a well-made nitro cold brew coffee drink, you know what the big deal is. This beverage is creamy and delicious, cutting through the acidity of traditional coffee drinks and adding the theater of the cascade.

How does the uKeg Nitro work?

The uKeg Nitro infuses nitrous oxide into cold brew coffee. Once you're done brewing and the gas has been infused, the special nitro tap turbulates the cold brew coffee as it dispenses, leading to a full cascading pour, creamy texture and taste synonymous with nitro cold brew coffee.

How do I make cold brew in it?

The uKeg nitro comes with everything you need to make your own cold brew. A standard 12 cup batch uses about 2 cups of coarse ground coffee. You simply fill the specially sized brew bags, steep your cold brew for 12-24 hours, remove the bags and top off with clean water to dilute to your liking.

Will it work if I buy or make cold brew elsewhere? How?

Yes, you can fill the uKeg Nitro with any cold brew coffee and infuse it to make it nitro cold brew!

How is the uKeg Nitro different than the uKeg?

The uKeg Nitro has several changes to optimize it for making and serving nitro cold brew coffee. There's the nitro style tap faucet, the nitro cartridges, an added internal filter for coffee and a cap that's been optimized for higher pressures for better gas infusion. We've also made several aesthetic changes specific to the uKeg Nitro to better represent it's use for nitro cold brew coffee.

Can I buy the nitro tap for my current uKeg?

We will not be making the nitro tap available as its own part for purchase at this time.

Can I put beer in the uKeg Nitro?

We don't recommend putting beer in the uKeg Nitro, it is designed for higher pressures and the nitro style faucet will produce a cup of foam when pouring normal beer.

Where can I buy nitro gas cartridges?

Cartridges for the uKeg Nitro are available for purchase in packages of five from They are also typically available online and at restaurant supply stores.

Where do I get cold brew bags? Are they reusable?

The cold brew bags are one time use and are made from heavy duty, biodegradable natural fiber. Every uKeg Nitro purchased from will come with the bags and nitro chargers needed to make two batches of nitro cold brew at home. Nitro chargers and filter bags are available for purchase from

I live in Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico...Will I get my gas?

Unfortunately we're not able to ship compressed gas to these states because of DOT guidelines. So we'll have to remove the nitro gas chargers from your reward.

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