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uKeg Pro Maintenance & Cleaning Kit - Newly Expanded!

The Newly Expanded uKeg Maintenance & Cleaning Kit includes everything you need to keep your uKeg clean and in good working order. For cleaning and repair instructions, please see the how-to page for guidance. 

Kit contains:

  • 1x canvas zippered pouch
  • 1x custom uKeg Maintenance Tool
  • 1x bottle cleaning brush
  • 2x uKeg cleaning tablets
  • 2x Growler cleaning wipes
  • 1x Microfiber towel
  • 1x cap o-ring (buna -224)
  • 1x upper gooseneck seal*
  • 1x lower gooseneck seal*
  • 2x sight tube o-rings (silicone -015)
  • 2x riser tube o-rings (silicone -009)
  • 1x tap shuttle o-ring (buna -110)
  • 1x nitro nozzle o-ring (-013)*
  • 1x pressure gauge o-ring (silicone -007)
  • 2x cartridge seals
  • 1x cartridge sleeve plug
  • 1x cap sleeve seal o-ring (-019)*
  • 1x silicone grease tube (1 oz)
  • 1x 1.5mm allen wrench (for tap handle screw)
  • 1x cap screwdriver

*Not yet shown in photo.