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uKeg Nitro How-To

Care and Use

Welcome to your new uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker! Now you can MAKE, STORE and POUR nitro cold brew coffee wherever life takes you. This info below will help you keep the uKeg Nitro in perfect working order and will give you helpful tips to be your own professional barista! Read below for info and details on using, cleaning and caring for your uKeg Nitro. Download our manual or watch our videos for more info. Still have a question? Feel free to contact us for additional customer service support.


For questions about uKeg Nitro or other customer service issues, please visit our FAQ page.

Support and Service

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How to Use the uKeg Nitro

Guides and Manuals

Installing the Nitro Gas Cartridge

1. Install cartridge

  • Before filling.
  • Ensure dial is in off position.

2. Charge Cap

  • Tighten sleeve quickly and firmly.
  • Sleeve does not need to bottom out.
  • A quick puff of gas is normal.

Adjusting Pressure

Locking Tap

3. The Cap

The dial controls the pressure inside the uKeg Nitro.

  • Turn to “Infuse” for nitro infusion.
  • Turn to “Pour” for best performance while pouring and storing.

1. Locking Tap

  • Fold tap handle back to lock.
  • Pull forward to pour.
  • ENJOY!

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    • Turn on pressure right away after filling.
    • After dispensing, use remaining gas to flush uKeg.
    • For best performance, we recommended GrowlerWerks brand Nitro Gas.



Do not open sleeve when cartidge contains pressure.

Do not turn off pressure when uKeg is full. Doing this does not save nitro gas.

Do not use abrasive materials or metal polish on coatings.

Do not put in dishwasher. HAND WASH ONLY.

Brewing Nitro Cold Brew

1. Fill 2 bags with 60g (~3/4 cup) with course ground coffee each.

2. Tie knot with bag strings.

1. Place both bags in uKeg (knot facing upward).
2. Fill with water to “Brew” Line (~1.25 liters).

5. Place in refrigerator for 12-24 hours

6. Pull out bags.
7. Add additional water to “Fill” line (~.75 liters).

8. Charge cap with a fresh nitro gas cartridge.
9. Tighten cap on uKeg Nitro.
10. Turn dial to “Infuse”. 

11. Shake for 1 minute to infuse nitro gas in the cold brew.

12. Turn dial to “Pour”.
13. Serve and ENJOY! 

Pro Tips

For a Stronger Cold Brew:

    • Use more coffee. Each bag can hold up to 1 cup.
    • Brew longer (up to 24 hours).
    • In step #3, fill with water above the “Fill” line. This leaves less dilution water to add later.

For a More Nitro Infused Cold Brew:

    • Make sure your brew is as cold as possible before infusion (use some ice in step #5 when diluting).
    • Shake longer.
    • Leave the pressure setting on “Infuse” overnight.

Cleaning Your uKeg

After Each Use

1. Turn off gas
2. Remove cap and rinse with warm water. (less than 120 degrees F)

3. Rinse uKeg with warm water.
4. Repeat 2-3 times until clean. 

5. Install cap.
6. Use remaining nitro gas to flow water through tap.
7. Close tap. 

8. Discharge remaining nitro gas by turning dial and venting.
9. Remove and recycle gas cartridge. 

For a More Thorough Cleaning

10. Allow to dry by pouring out remaining water.
11. Store with cap off and tap open in dry place. 

12. Fill with warm water under 120 degress F and 1 cleaning tablet.
13. Cap and shake well.
14. Baking soda is a suitable substitute. 

15. Install cap, charge briefly with left-over nitro gas, flow water through tap and close tap.
16. Let sit 10 minutes.
17. Open tap until pressure runs out. 

18. Remove the nozzle for cleaning and drying.
19. Rinse (make sure parts inside nozel remain intact). 

Basic uKeg Maintenance

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  • Use 1.5mm allen wrench (provided with new handle).
  • Loosen set screw on handle and pull straight up.
  • Do not twist.
  • Install a compatible handle in reverse order.

Caring for Your uKeg's Color Finish

The surface and color of your uKeg is a durable coating that is bonded to the stainless steel bottle in a thin layer. Your coated uKeg should not corrode. For best results when cleaning, please follow instructions below:

  • To clean the surface, gently wash with soap and water or mild detergents.
  • To remove spots, discoloration, or minor blemishes, gentle rubbing with a soft cloth and water is recommended.
  • Do not use polishing compounds or abrasive pads to polish the color surfaces.
  • Spot cleaning this way can remove the finish which can later lead to corrosion.
  • The ukeg’s finish, while strong, is not impervious to scratching, so if you want it to look nice, treat it nice.

Cartridge Seal Replacement

1. Squeeze tabs and pull retainer out.

2. Inspect cartridge seal for cracks or defects. Replace if needed. Note orientation when removing.

3. Insert new seal in orientation shown.

4. Reinstall retainer and seal.

5. Push retainer down until both tabs click outward.

Helpful Tips

Inspect Periodically

Make sure retaining tabs are fully pushed out and seated properly.

Cap O-ring should be tight and smooth.

Make sure O-ring is installed as shown and free of damage.

Pressure off is counterclockwise.

Helpful Tips

Replace nitro gas cartridge after every use. Any remaining gas can be used to flush your uKeg with clean water.

  • Long term storage of your uKeg with a cartridge installed will reduce cartridge seal life. Remove cartridges promptly after discharge.
  • The cartridge seal is designed to be resilient, but may be damaged from overtightening or sharp cartridges. Your uKeg came with 1 extra cartridge seal.
  • The cap o-ring is designed to be resilient, but may become damaged or loose from over-tightening.
OPTIONAL: Applying a light coat of silicone grease to o-rings will extend their lifetime.